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Welcome! My name is Joe Davis and I run Crystal Valley Music Teaching Services. With nearly 20 years experience in both classroom and instrumental music teaching, I am very passionate about teaching music with a holistic approach. Our ethos is to help provide a love of learning and development of skills in music education that builds confidence, discipline, self-expectation and achievement in students that relates to establishing life skills that translate as they grow older.

Crystal Valley Music Teaching Services specialises in providing group instrumental tuition in primary schools on a ‘user pays’ basis. We work with students to develop foundation skills in their chosen instrument and work towards performing group and individual pieces. Students later have the option to participate in a ‘cross pollination’ of instruments as they develop their skills so they can work in an ensemble group and present songs at one of the regular concerts and performance occasions set up for the school community to enjoy.

CVM students often present entertainment at their school functions and fetes to help assist in creating a great family friendly atmosphere. Additional opportunities are offered to prepared students to perform at community events such as the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival and the Wangaratta Children’s Festival etc.

We try to avoid frustrating disruptions to your timetable with the option of a steady timetable. These timetables are set up and emailed to schools for forwarding to staff with a considered attempt to make transitions as smooth and worthwhile as possible. Depending on student numbers involved with the CVM programs depends on the size of the donation we offer to schools for the use of a teaching room and as a gesture of goodwill for allowing us to come teach at their school.

Our teachers all have at the minimum a ‘working with children’ check and pride themselves on being professional and considerate of the school community. We hope to be able to work with you and your school and offer a vibrant, enjoyable music instrumental service from our enthusiastic and dedicated team.

I would love the opportunity to meet and discuss with you how our family business can add quality music instrumental education to your school services. We strive to be highly organised and competent in the delivery of our of our services and would love to give your school community a musical demonstration to show the various instruments and skills your students have the opportunity to explore, so please don’t hesitate to contact me personally on 0425 781 893 or email to and expect a prompt reply.

Joe Davis
Crystal Valley Music
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